Serving Palm Beach County, Central Florida, Martin County, Broward, Miami and surrounding areas

“Allow Us To Make Your Vision A Reality” Our Mission:

At the heart of our success is our commitment to excellence. We believe that listening to our clients is the first step in a long-term partnership. We believe in providing customers great service at a fair and reasonable price. We believe business is grown by reputation—a reputation born by providing each client with the highest levels of service. Our approach guarantees that we will produce an incomparable event for our clients.

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Who Is LnL Events LLC?

Live N Lavish Events , LLC — is a full service Wedding & Event Management company that provides Wedding Planning, Event Planning, Custom Event & Wedding designs, Florals, Pipe & Draping, Decor Rentals, Live Entertainment, Lighting Services and more to Palm Beach County, Florida, Dade County, FL, Miami, Florida and surrounding areas. Our team prides themselves in putting every client first and; providing you with a stress-free planning experience. We produce stunning, all-inclusive weddings & special events that captivates diverse audiences.

We create lavish designs to bring Weddings and Special event visions to life. Live N Lavish Events LLC coordinates weddings and special events that are completely customized to your needs.  We truly are the premier event planning solution for any of your event needs. Our professional and dedicated staff are experts at organizing and executing any and all types of events, whether it is a small intimate dinner, a concert, memorable birthday party, wedding, gala or business conference. Everything is at your fingertips and completely customized for your individual needs.

Live N Lavish Events’ has a personal network of only the finest vendors, venue spaces, and creative minds. We create incomparable events unparalleled by any other wedding or event planning company. Live N Lavish has executed a multitude of highly successful events ranging from fundraising events to premier red carpet events showcasing countless number of nationally recognized musicians, actors and artists.

Please enjoy reading through our list of Event Coordinating & Decor Services. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any of your event coordination and decor needs. We look forward to creating a first class event with you and

“Making Your Vision a Reality”. 

So for your next event, remember “Live n Lavish Events:”

“Your Key Ingredient to having a Successful Event”…

Call us today at 561.574.1246 to schedule your complimentary consultation!

Meet our CEO, Creative Director

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Live N Lavish Events
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