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Ash Harris · getting married 

Rated 5.0

Very Elegant Wedding!

The wedding I attended was very elegant, from the decor to the ambiance of the way the venue was set up, I was really impressed. I would definitely recommend Live N Lavish for anyone planning an upcoming wedding!


James E. Wedding Guest- 04/20/2020

Rated 5.0

Incredible Wedding Experience To Remember

I’m really impressed with Live N Lavish Events. I attended a wedding that reminded me of Coming to America. The decoration was unbelievable. As I walked in the wedding room, I saw large screen with a picture of the bride and groom with large purple drapes serving as a backdrop. Underneath was a table with two large chairs designed for a king and queen. I was also amazed how the large picture screen became a large monitor so the guests could have a better view of the wedding. The reception was eloquent. The bride and groom walked down a huge stairwell underneath a gorgeous chandelier. The layout of tables was breathtaking with carefully laid out tablecloths and beautiful flower arrangements. Finally, the people associated with Live N Lavish Events are very polite, professional, helpful and second to none. For decorations and other wedding needs, a couple can not go wrong choosing Live N Lavish Events.


Stephanie whaley · married on 05/18/2019

Rated 5.0

Amazing day of coordinator

Lekita was fantastic at running our destination wedding on 5/18/19. She was a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend to her anyone who wants their special day to be flawless and stress-free. Although we only used her as a day of coordinator, we were in touch many times prior to the wedding, and she really did go above and beyond for us. THANKS LEKITA!

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