Basic Poly


  • 100% Polyester
  • 64 classic colors to choose from
  • Tablecloths in this fabric are available in up to 132 ” wide without a seam

Basic Poly is casual in its comfort yet extremely elegant in its simplicity, defining the meaning of essential and basic décor. An integral inspiration to traditional design, 100 Poly is a classic platform that accents and enlivens its surroundings. With a permanent press, and as a soil release fabric, 100 Poly is constructed for easy care, durability and longevity. Available in 64 rich, classic colors, Basic Poly fabric can be used for the most strikingly formal of occasions or the simplest serendipities of everyday life.
When used to create a tablecloth, Polystripe fabric can accommodate almost all tables without a seam, and can be made to fit the widest of tables.


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