SHANGRI-LA 10″ Ball x 37″ Tall Acrylic Diamond Chandelier Lamp – Clear

$85.99 $72.99

We’ve always dreamed about what we would find a hidden paradise such a the mythical Sahngri-La. And in imagining all the colors, grandeur and beauty we could find in such a place, we became inspired to create a Lamp and Chandelier that would embody all that was mentioned.

The Shangri-La is a Far-away hidden paradise filled with beauty and serenity. This elegant chandelier can be utilized for many occasions and settings. You can create and enhance your  home, event or business-setting to inspire and impress your host and guests by filling the room with this stunning beacon; which will no doubt work phenomenally with your choice of bright colors, music, food, friends and laughter. Great celebrations always happen with a grandeur room piece such as the Sahngri-La Lamp / Chandelier.

Look no further.. & make a great impression, to last lifetime with our Lavish’ Chandeliers!

Additional Information:
Sphere / Ball Diameter: Approx. 10″
Total Top-Bottom Length when ball is on stand: Approx. 37″
Base Diameter: Approx. 7″
Number of poles: 2 ; Approx. 11″ long each (included)


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